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Tired of Diabetes holding you back?

VK4 Diacon™

Ayurveda’s Natural Answer to Restore Balance and Vitality.

VK4 Diacon
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Boost Your Immunity, Breathe Easy


Nature's Shield for Lung Health and Vitality

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Enhance Memory, Nurture Your Mind

Saraswathi lehya

Empower Your Brain with Nature's Wisdom

Brahmi Saraswathi lehya
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The Fountainhead of Authentic Ayurveda


Venkateswara Ayurveda Nilayam (VAN) is a premier organization disseminating Ayurvedic knowledge and dispensing medicines to mankind. Ayurveda has been in India since time immemorial, however, understanding the essence and painstakingly developing the authentic medicine system has been an endeavour, a fruit of labour assiduously charted by the founding elders at Venkateswara Ayurveda Nilayam

Backed by a thorough knowledge of the human body constitution and the nature of ailments afflicting an individual in his lifetime, the journey of Venkateswara Ayurveda Nilayam began in the year 1925. A resolve to provide the most natural medicine with infallible potency marked the start. The pioneer doctor of VAN, Sri. D. Venkateswarlu established the organization to make the most momentous milestones in Ayurveda history which was yet to come.

Conferred the title, ´Vaidyaraja´ for his yeoman efforts in unraveling and harnessing the wealth of health from the treasure of ayurveda, VAN went on to become the abode of wellness and health in the years that followed. On a lofty pedestal of quality, the VAN products are a class in themselves providing unmatched relief to the ailing and also a prescription for healthy living.

Driven by a vision and countless hours spent in researching and formulating the right medicine, it is no small wonder that VAN has spawned a success story spanning over 9 decades plus. The seven Gold Medals it has won for shaping the most effective Ayurvedic Medicines stands eloquent testimony to VAN's commitment to research, quality and health for all.

Entered in 96th year of its glorious innings in Jan 2021, in tandem with technology and combating new age ailments, the third generation at VAN raises the bar for itself and reiterates its commitment to health of mankind. Indeed, a fountainhead of knowledge and expertise with the same resolve that marked its beginnings. The saga continues..