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Mahakanakasundurarasa (1g)
₹ 2280.00

Mahakanakasundurarasa a guaranteed Medicine/treatment for T.B. at all stages and promotes longevity, vitality and vigour. Remedy for anemia ,jaundice and swasa.

VAN Swarnasuryavarthi
₹ 650.00

Swarnasuryavarthi is Very useful in jaundice,liver, spleen and mental disorders,chronic nausea,vomiting and all bilious ailments 100% safe and No side effects

Vaikrantabaddaras (5G)
₹ 215.00

Ayurvedic medicine & treatment useful for cough,hard breathing and dry cough,Heaviness in heart,vertigo, hiccough,over thirst.100% safe and Natural remedy

₹ 260.00

Suryavarthi medicine used to neutralize liver dysfunction,speedy recovery of liver damage,remedy for disorders of bilious nature,headache fever due to bile.

Mahachandrakalarasa (10g)
₹ 260.00

Mahachandrakalarasa is useful for all cases of haemorrhage due to excess of heat in body. Relieves heart burn, heat, thirst, urinary disorders and leucorrhoea.

Chandrakalarasa (10g)
₹ 150.00

Chandrakalarasa is useful for speedy relief in pitta affections, burning in stomach, indigestion due to over heat,blood piles,blood bile and heat in the body.

₹ 365.00

Draksharishta is useful to give strength to diseased and weakened heart,Improves the muscular system.Used freely by pregnancy women and Children.

₹ 265.00

Vasarishta a trusted remedy for bronchial disorders,sinusitis, coughs produced in heart affections,dropsy and blood bile. 100% safe and Natural.

Blood-bile 1 month pack for non diabetic patients
₹ 13970.00

Blood-bile 1 month pack for non-DIABETIC patients amount to Rs: 12,156/- only.

Blood-bile 1 month pack for diabetic patients
₹ 12060.00

Blood-bile 1 month pack for DIABETIC patients amount to Rs: 10,720/- only.

Swarnabhrakasindura (1g)
₹ 1440.00

Ayurvedic medicine for discharge of semen, Enlargement of spleen,liver and several other complaints present in T.B. and gives new life,vigor and vitality.

Chyavanaprasa Lehya
₹ 550.00

Chyavanaprasa Lehya is Very useful in general health; physical abilities,rejuvenating nerves,relieving stress and strain, building up immunity