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Vatarakshasam (3g)
₹ 135.00

Vatarakshasam ayurvedic remedy used in fevers of vata, removes all pains in the body. Useful for suthika vata and titanus100% safe and No side effects

Vatavidhwamsi (10g)
₹ 280.00

Ayurvedic medicine very useful in puerperal,sannipata fevers and puerperal diseases,It not only cures but also prevents all sorts of diseases after delivery.

₹ 185.00

Pratapalankeswaram is an effective ayurvedic medicine useful for simple, puerperal and sannipatha fevers and disorders of all sorts of nervous pains of the body.

₹ 515.00

Ayurvedic medicine useful for women after delivery, sutikaroga,Removes post pregnancy weakness,A great tonic to puerperal women,Cures sciatica, Osteoporosis.