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Anandabhiravi (10g)
₹ 160.00

Anandabhiravi helps to cure fever, pains over the body and indigestion etc.

Swarnakravyadarasa (5g)
₹ 500.00

Medicine useful for acute and chronic digestive troubles,Dilatation of the stomach,colic pains, enlargement of spleen,fevers due to digestive disorders.

₹ 290.00

Kravyadarasa effective medicine that cures sula pains, flatulence,indigestion,loss of appetite,diarrhea caused by indigestion.100% Natural with No side effects.

Agnikumararasa (10g)
₹ 145.00

Agnikumararasa is useful to cure indigestion, sula pains, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea caused by indigestion , Prevents even mild cases of cholera.

₹ 250.00

Agnitundivati is an ayurvedic medicine useful in neuralgic pains, muscular, soreness, dysentery colic and indigestion. Works wonderfully on indefinite pains.

Mahasankhavati (25 Tablets)
₹ 210.00

Mahasankhavati is useful in various phases of acidity,indigestion,cures peptic ulcer,dyspepsia, pain in the gastrointestinal tract and controls parinama sula.

Kasisa Bhasma (10g)
₹ 125.00

Kasisa Bhasma an ayurvedic medicine to cure indigestion, sula pains, diarrhea, anemia, pains in the lower abdomen, amenorrhoea and consequent pain.Improves blood.

Mahakhandadraka Lehya (300g)
₹ 350.00

Mahakhandadraka Lehya is useful for pregnant women,Cures indigestion,vomiting, flatulance ,giddiness ,sourbile, burning in the chest,and symptoms to paithya

₹ 310.00

L-MITRA Improves appetite, Works on liver disorders, Thyroid, Parkinson, Cleanses the bowel,Eradicates worms in intestines, equivalent of a multivitamin.

Indigestion 1 month pack for non diabetic patients
₹ 7785.00

Indigestion 1 month pack for NOn-DIABETIC patients and the amount is Rs: 6,765/-.

Indigestion 1 month pack for diabetic patients
₹ 6735.00

Indigestion 1 month pack for DIABETIC patients and the amount is Rs: 5,856/-.

Pravala Panchamruta Ras
₹ 735.00

Ayurvedic medicine used in types of Sula,enlargement of liver and spleen,abdominal tumors,tested remedy for healthy heart,hypothyroidism and calcium deficiency.

₹ 860.00

Ayurvedic medicine VANDIGE is Useful to improve appetite,Regulates bowel conditions,Proven remedy for Indigestion and Protects from liver disorders