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VAN Sidhamakaradhwaja Tablets
₹ 2755.00

Ayurvedic medicine used by both men and women of all age groups,A great nervine tonic that enriches memory,Sexual potency,Strengthens Heart,lungs and nerves.

Vigour, Vitality 1 month pack for Non Diabetic Patients
₹ 18655.00

Vigor,Vitality-1 month pack for NON-DIABETIC Patients and the pack amounts to Rs:16,269.00/- Only.

Vigour, Vitality 1 month pack for Diabetic Patients
₹ 17870.00

Vigor,Vitality-1 month pack for DIABETIC Patients and the pack amounts to Rs:15,546.00/- Only.

₹ 265.00

Dasamoolarishta an Ayurvedic effective medicine useful in sterility,cures, fever, dropsy, cough, anemia, jaundice and prameha release urine freely.

VAN Ratnapurusha Lehya
₹ 450.00

Ratnapurusha Lehya is an ayurvedic medicine useful in seminal weakness,seminal decay,A good nervine Tonic gives muscular strength and nervous potency.

Yogendrarasa (2g)
₹ 1040.00

A great Ayurvedic Nervine medicine Yogendrarasa strengthens nerves,heart and brain,enriches blood and semen,improves steadiness of mind Enriches blood,Semen

Kamachudamanirasa (2g)
₹ 750.00

VAN Ltd 100% Natural Remedy No Side Effects Ayurvedic Product Kamachudamanirasa works Effectively on sexual debility, impotency and spermatorrhoea.

₹ 1320.00

Poornachandrodaya, a general tonic used by both men & women at all times and helps to prevent spermatorrhea, nervousness,weakness,heart weakness and palpitation