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Gudapippali (30g)
₹ 85.00

GUDAPIPPALI is Useful for children.Cures enlargement of liver and spleen, enlargement of the abdomen, chronic fever, dropsy and cough and is Useful for elders.

₹ 310.00

L-MITRA Improves appetite, Works on liver disorders, Thyroid, Parkinson, Cleanses the bowel,Eradicates worms in intestines, equivalent of a multivitamin.

Abdominal Disorders 1 month pack
₹ 4385.00

1 month pack- Abdominal Disorders and the price is Rs:3,804/- only.

Pravala Panchamruta Ras
₹ 735.00

Ayurvedic medicine used in types of Sula,enlargement of liver and spleen,abdominal tumors,tested remedy for healthy heart,hypothyroidism and calcium deficiency.

Bhaskaralavanachurna (50g)
₹ 75.00

BHASKARALAVANACHURNA is an Ayurvedic medicine Useful in indigestion, nausea, vomitting, sula gastric pain, flatulency in the Abdomen,chronic indigestion.

₹ 860.00

Ayurvedic medicine VANDIGE is Useful to improve appetite,Regulates bowel conditions,Proven remedy for Indigestion and Protects from liver disorders