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Mouktika Bhasma (2g)
₹ 195.00

Mouktika Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine very useful in diabetes,stranguary and detention of urine, urinary calculi,Carbuncle,cough and general debility.

VAN Sidhamakaradhwaja Tablets
₹ 2755.00

Ayurvedic medicine used by both men and women of all age groups,A great nervine tonic that enriches memory,Sexual potency,Strengthens Heart,lungs and nerves.

₹ 310.00

L-MITRA Improves appetite, Works on liver disorders, Thyroid, Parkinson, Cleanses the bowel,Eradicates worms in intestines, equivalent of a multivitamin.

₹ 1410.00

Bronfree is used for treating bronchial disorders in both adults and children including allergic bronchitis and hypertension in lungs. without any side effects

₹ 265.00

Vasarishta a trusted remedy for bronchial disorders,sinusitis, coughs produced in heart affections,dropsy and blood bile. 100% safe and Natural.

Chyavanaprasa Lehya
₹ 550.00

Chyavanaprasa Lehya is Very useful in general health; physical abilities,rejuvenating nerves,relieving stress and strain, building up immunity

₹ 1040.00

Mahalakshmivilasarasa is Highly recommended medicine for Bronchitis,Asthma,Hard breathing ,cough,hard breathing,heaviness of Heart,ailments of sleshma/phlegm