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Divyasinduram (5g)
₹ 235.00

Divyasinduram is useful to Purify blood effected by venereal, It is a Safe medicine that cures all skin diseases caused by blood impurities .

₹ 300.00

Khadirarishta is useful to cure early affections of leprosy and skin diseases,Removes colored spots and patches and itches,Smoothens the skin,blood purifier

Madhusnuhi Rasayana
₹ 455.00

Madhusnuhirasayana is useful to cure all skin diseases,leprosy,cracks and watery discharges,white and black spots and patches on the skin,corrects 7 dhatus.

Panchatiktaghrita Guggulu (200ml)
₹ 495.00

Ayurvedic medicine that helps to cure leprosy of several kinds, bone marrow and guinea worm, fistula, abscesses around the throat and typical skin diseases

₹ 195.00

Saribadyasava is useful to cure skin diseases especially of venereal poison and carbuncles,Purifies the blood, Removes mercurial effects in the system.

Somariji Taila
₹ 360.00

Ayurvedic medicine useful for leprosy,elephant skin, black and white spots/patches on the skin,excessive itching sensation,cracks in the hands and feet,ringworm.

Sarivadhya Leha
₹ 435.00

Sarivadhya Leha medicine useful for skin diseases especially born of Venereal poisons in the system,highly recommended for blood purification and malnutrition.

Kaseesadyaghruta (200ml)
₹ 370.00

Suryapaka Kaseesadyaghruta medicine useful to cure leprosy and Syphilitic Ulcers,patches,boils,patches and boils,Fistula-in-ano,ringworm and other diseases.

Vyadhiharanarasa (3g)
₹ 195.00

Vyadhiharanarasa is Ayurvedic medicine for used for Syphilis and Diseases caused due to Venereal,Acts as good Blood Purifier 100% safe and Natural remedy

Hemasundararasa (Swarnavangam) (5g)
₹ 275.00

Hemasundararasa is Useful for chronic gannorrohea, spermatorrohea, prameham, Lucorrohea, distaste, numbness, tongue and throat infections etc.

Psoriasis - Skin Diseases 1 month pack for non diabetic patients
₹ 18040.00

Psoriasis - Skin Diseases 1 month pack for DIABETIC patients and the pack amounts to Rs: 17,244.00/- Only.

Psoriasis - Skin Diseases 1 month pack for diabetic patients
₹ 17068.00

Psoriasis - Skin Diseases 1 month pack for DIABETIC patients and the pack amounts to Rs: 16,352.00/- Only.

Mahamehantakarasa (2g)
₹ 740.00

Mahamehantakarasa is an ayurvedic medicine cures all urinary disorders,burning sensation over the body,Controls excess urination,prameha and Spermotorrhea.

Sidhamakaradhwaja Powder
₹ 2650.00

Ayurvedc medicine used by both men and women of all age groups,A great nervine tonic that enriches memory,Sexual potency,Strengthens Heart,lungs and nerves.