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VAN Swarnasuryavarthi
₹ 650.00

Swarnasuryavarthi is Very useful in jaundice,liver, spleen and mental disorders,chronic nausea,vomiting and all bilious ailments 100% safe and No side effects

₹ 1230.00

Chandravarthirasa is useful for people suffering from periodical headache keeps the brain cool and calm , symptoms of deranged liver and spleen,Removes,vertigo.

₹ 335.00

Ayurvedic medicine useful to cure fever due to bile, burning in the chest,watering in mouth,jaundice,souribile and vomiting.Works on urinary tract disorders.

₹ 260.00

Suryavarthi medicine used to neutralize liver dysfunction,speedy recovery of liver damage,remedy for disorders of bilious nature,headache fever due to bile.

Chandrakalarasa (10g)
₹ 150.00

Chandrakalarasa is useful for speedy relief in pitta affections, burning in stomach, indigestion due to over heat,blood piles,blood bile and heat in the body.

₹ 185.00

Ayurvedic medicine useful to cure affections produced by bile that removes distaste and other ailments like burning sensation in stomach,vomiting and vertigo.

Seetamsurasa (10g)
₹ 165.00

Seetamsurasa an Ayurvedic well known medicine useful for Malarial fevers born from bile and phlegm, nausea and vomiting.100% safe and Zero side effects.

Mahakhandadraka Lehya (300g)
₹ 350.00

Mahakhandadraka Lehya is useful for pregnant women,Cures indigestion,vomiting, flatulance ,giddiness ,sourbile, burning in the chest,and symptoms to paithya

Hemasundararasa (Swarnavangam) (5g)
₹ 275.00

Hemasundararasa is Useful for chronic gannorrohea, spermatorrohea, prameham, Lucorrohea, distaste, numbness, tongue and throat infections etc.

Madeephala Rasayana
₹ 300.00

Ayurvedic Medicine for pregnant women for vomiting sensation,nausea,Removes burning sensation in the abdomen,Cures Biliousness in the system,Improves Digestion.