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Swarnakravyadarasa (5g)
₹ 500.00

Medicine useful for acute and chronic digestive troubles,Dilatation of the stomach,colic pains, enlargement of spleen,fevers due to digestive disorders.

Sukhavirechanavati (5g)
₹ 70.00

Sukhavirechanavati is an ayurvedic safe laxative medicine used for indigestion.100% Natural remedy with Zero side effects.VAN Ltd serving since 1925.

Trivrut Lehya (300g)
₹ 250.00

Trivrut Lehya is an ayurvedic medicine useful for harmless laxative and puts off constipation on regular usage.Very comfortable for patients of piles.

Triphala churna
₹ 135.00

An Ayurvedic medicine & treatment for constipation. Triphalachurna acts as an adjunct.100% safe and Natural remedy with Zero side effects serving since 1925.

₹ 365.00

Draksharishta is useful to give strength to diseased and weakened heart,Improves the muscular system.Used freely by pregnancy women and Children.

Pravala Panchamruta Ras
₹ 735.00

Ayurvedic medicine used in types of Sula,enlargement of liver and spleen,abdominal tumors,tested remedy for healthy heart,hypothyroidism and calcium deficiency.