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Rajasirobhushanam is an effective ayurvedic medicine useful in partial,facial,tongue and brain paralysis. Controls tremors and a special medicine for paraplegia.

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Rasarajarasa is useful remedy for hysteria,such as paralysis, tremor and various types of convulsions. 100% safe and Natural remedy with Zero side effects.

Ekangaveerarasa (5g)
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Ekangaveerarasa is useful in paralysis attacks on account of nervous debility,cures twisting of mouth,tetanus, cures pains in joints.

Vatagajamkusa (40 Tablets)
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Vatagajamkusa a specific remedy for nervous disorders and frequent fever born of indigestion,useful in hemiplegia and paraplegia and helps to cure beriberi

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Ayurvedic medicine to be used externally for wry neck, paralysis, twisting of mouth and effected parts of hemiplegic and other nervous affections.

Narayana Taila
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VAN Ltd providing Narayana Taila an effective medicine for nervous disorders especially in paralysis, wryneck, pains in cheeks, waist, joints serving since 1925.

Yogendrarasa (2g)
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A great Ayurvedic Nervine medicine Yogendrarasa strengthens nerves,heart and brain,enriches blood and semen,improves steadiness of mind Enriches blood,Semen

Sidhamakaradhwaja Powder
₹ 2650.00

Ayurvedc medicine used by both men and women of all age groups,A great nervine tonic that enriches memory,Sexual potency,Strengthens Heart,lungs and nerves.