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Navalohachintamani (2g)
₹ 680.00

Navalohachintamani is special remedy for severe ailments of sleshma/phlegm and regularizes the respiratory system like cough and hard breathing, pains,bronchitis

Rasarat (3g)
₹ 260.00

Rasarat is an ayurvedic medicine useful for phlegm diseases,chest pain and heaviness in chest, cold,cough, hard breathing and can be used for infants also.

Swasachintamanirasa (2g)
₹ 370.00

Swasachintamanirasa is an effective ayurvedic medicine useful to stop hard breathing and gives relief rapidly. 100% safe and Natural remedy with No side effects

Hikkanashanarasa (2g)
₹ 40.00

Hikkanashanarasa is Useful to cure hiccoughs caused by typhoid or any other reason, A special remedy for trouble some hiccoughs and require immediate treatment.

₹ 365.00

Draksharishta is useful to give strength to diseased and weakened heart,Improves the muscular system.Used freely by pregnancy women and Children.

₹ 265.00

Vasarishta a trusted remedy for bronchial disorders,sinusitis, coughs produced in heart affections,dropsy and blood bile. 100% safe and Natural.