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Mahakhandadraka Lehya (300g)
₹ 350.00

Mahakhandadraka Lehya is useful for pregnant women,Cures indigestion,vomiting, flatulance ,giddiness ,sourbile, burning in the chest,and symptoms to paithya

₹ 95.00

Chandanasava , effective medicine useful in gonorrhea, spermatorrhoea, urinary disorders attended by burning sensation and other diseases in women

Shadgunasindura (3g)
₹ 360.00

Ayurvedic Medicine to cure chronic,anemia, distaste,Tones up nervous system and improves strength, blood and vigor,tonic used by men and women even in pregnancy.

₹ 365.00

Draksharishta is useful to give strength to diseased and weakened heart,Improves the muscular system.Used freely by pregnancy women and Children.

General Health 1 month pack for non Diabetic Patient
₹ 5490.00

General Health 1 month paNk for NON-DIABETIC Patients and the amount is Rs:4,609.00/-.

General Health 1 month pack for Diabetic Patient
₹ 1800.00

General Health 1 month pack for DIABETIC Patients and the amount is Rs: 1,570.00/-.

Aswagandhaadi Lehya
₹ 655.00

Aswagandhaadi Lehya is Useful to cure Sterility and Involuntary Seminal Discharge,Re-vitalizes & Rejuvenates ,Restores Energy,Vigor and relieves.

Chyavanaprasa Lehya
₹ 550.00

Chyavanaprasa Lehya is Very useful in general health; physical abilities,rejuvenating nerves,relieving stress and strain, building up immunity