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Rajita Rasayana (5g)
₹ 515.00

Rajita Rasayana is an ayurvedic medicine useful to cure Lucorrohea in women and spermatorrhea in men,removes stress in heart,burning sensation in arms and feet.

Pradarantakarasa (5g)
₹ 180.00

Pradarantakarasa is an ayurvedic effective medicine to be used in all severe cases of leucorrhoea. 100% safe and Zero side effects,VAN Ltd serving since 1925.

Pradarariloham (15g)
₹ 215.00

Pradarariloham is Ayurvedic medicine useful to cure Leucorrhoea and other disorders of the female genital organs, removes pain in the back and pelvis in no time

Trivanga Bhasma (15g)
₹ 215.00

Ayurvedic effective medicine for leucorrhoea and gonnorrhoea.It helps to reduce excessive heat and burning of hands and feet,No side effects 100% safe.

Pushyanuga Churna (50g)
₹ 85.00

Ayurvedic medicine eminently used in all female diseases as pradara,other discharges and urine disorders. It helps to regulate menses and menstrual period.

Vasantakusumakara Tablets
₹ 2850.00

Ayurvedic sovereign remedy for over urination and Diabetes,Cures anemia,heart diseases and Lucorrohea,controls Urinary disorders and loss of albumen

Vasantakusumakara (2g)
₹ 1370.00

Vasantakusumakara is useful to cure anaemia, heart Disease, weakness, lucorrohea ,It gives health to diabetic patients in all stages of all natures, a good treatment over urination And diabetes and a well noted medicine for treatment of Meha diseases of twenty kinds.

₹ 150.00

Asokarishta medicine useful for Female diseases,it Effectively gives strength,cures pradara and all uterine disorders .It also corrects the abdomen.