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Kanakabalasuryodaya (5g)
₹ 1340.00

Kanakabalasuryodaya is an ayurvedic medicine useful for chronic fevers, dry cough, anemia, distaste, hard breathing and cough.

Vishamajwarantakaloha (2g)
₹ 320.00

Ayurvedic effective medicine for all malarial,chronic and complicated fevers,helps to correct enlargement of liver & spleen,Improves appetite and Removes bile

Balasuryodayam (3g)
₹ 135.00

Balasuryodayam is useful for chronic fevers, pneumonial fever, influenza, phlegm(sleshma) fevers and fevers in jaundice,Cures cough , respiration and anemia.

Srijayamangalarasa (2g)
₹ 1060.00

Srijayamangalarasa a trusted remedy for fevers like chronic, malarial, unspecified,It acts well on parched throat and constipation.100% safe and No side effects.

Swarnamalinivasantarasa (2g)
₹ 440.00

Ayurvedic Medicine useful for all cases of cough and in the advanced stages of T.B.Also used for pregnant ladies in all cases of cough and fevers.100% safe.

₹ 260.00

Suryavarthi medicine used to neutralize liver dysfunction,speedy recovery of liver damage,remedy for disorders of bilious nature,headache fever due to bile.

Seetamsurasa (10g)
₹ 165.00

Seetamsurasa an Ayurvedic well known medicine useful for Malarial fevers born from bile and phlegm, nausea and vomiting.100% safe and Zero side effects.

₹ 115.00

Ayurvedic medicine Lohasava is Useful to Cure anemia, jaundice,dropsy,asthma,cough,enlargement of spleen and liver. 100% safe and Natural remedy by VAN ltd.