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Sleshmagajamkusa (5g)
₹ 85.00

Sleshmagajamkusa is useful remedy for diseases of phlegm, anasarca, numbness,cold and cough effects due to water changes,throat infections and swara bhanga

Patchakarpuram (10g)
₹ 70.00

Helps to reduce overheat in the body.

Mahakanakasundurarasa (1g)
₹ 2280.00

Mahakanakasundurarasa a guaranteed Medicine/treatment for T.B. at all stages and promotes longevity, vitality and vigour. Remedy for anemia ,jaundice and swasa.

VAN Swarnasuryavarthi
₹ 650.00

Swarnasuryavarthi is Very useful in jaundice,liver, spleen and mental disorders,chronic nausea,vomiting and all bilious ailments 100% safe and No side effects

Navalohachintamani (2g)
₹ 680.00

Navalohachintamani is special remedy for severe ailments of sleshma/phlegm and regularizes the respiratory system like cough and hard breathing, pains,bronchitis

Kanakabalasuryodaya (5g)
₹ 1340.00

Kanakabalasuryodaya is an ayurvedic medicine useful for chronic fevers, dry cough, anemia, distaste, hard breathing and cough.

₹ 660.00

Rajasirobhushanam is an effective ayurvedic medicine useful in partial,facial,tongue and brain paralysis. Controls tremors and a special medicine for paraplegia.

Vishamajwarantakaloha (2g)
₹ 320.00

Ayurvedic effective medicine for all malarial,chronic and complicated fevers,helps to correct enlargement of liver & spleen,Improves appetite and Removes bile

Swarnakantavallabharasa (5g)
₹ 400.00

Ayurvedic medicine used to cure anemia,cough,hard breathing, jaundice, distaste,blood-lessness,weakness, chronic fever and gives strength and enriches blood.

Rajita Rasayana (5g)
₹ 515.00

Rajita Rasayana is an ayurvedic medicine useful to cure Lucorrohea in women and spermatorrhea in men,removes stress in heart,burning sensation in arms and feet.

Astalohapoornachandrodaya (25 Tablets)
₹ 1030.00

Astalohapoornachandrodaya is Useful to controls spermatorrhea, early ejaculation,It also Improves vigor and Removes weakness.

Kantavallabharasa (5g)
₹ 205.00

Kantavallabharasa is Ayurvedic medicine useful for anemia, jaundice, chronic fevers and odemageneralised,A good appetizer, corrects disorders of liver and spleen.

Rajatachandrodaya Tablets
₹ 490.00

Rajatachandrodaya Tablets are useful for heat bodies. Improves blood and vitality,cures palpitation,stops spermatorrhea,gives sexual potency and removes anxiety.

₹ 550.00

RAJATADI LOHA is used for phlegmbile, cold and cough, pain in heart, phlegm,respiration and numbness.100% safe and Natural remedy with Zero side effects.

Balasuryodayam (3g)
₹ 135.00

Balasuryodayam is useful for chronic fevers, pneumonial fever, influenza, phlegm(sleshma) fevers and fevers in jaundice,Cures cough , respiration and anemia.

Vatarakshasam (3g)
₹ 135.00

Vatarakshasam ayurvedic remedy used in fevers of vata, removes all pains in the body. Useful for suthika vata and titanus100% safe and No side effects

Kasakesari (3g)
₹ 230.00

Kasakesari is an ayurvedic medicine used for cough, hard breathing, dry cough and whooping cough. VAN Ltd 100% Natural treatment No Side Effects.

Pravalachandrodaya (3g)
₹ 230.00

Pravalachandrodaya is an effective medicine with No side effects useful for cure cough, hard breathing, heaviness of heart, dry cough and respiratory ailments.

Sleshmagajamkusa Tablets
₹ 195.00

Sleshmagajamkusa is useful remedy for diseases of phlegm, anasarca,numbness,cold and cough effects due to water changes,throat infections and swara bhanga

Rasarat (3g)
₹ 260.00

Rasarat is an ayurvedic medicine useful for phlegm diseases,chest pain and heaviness in chest, cold,cough, hard breathing and can be used for infants also.

Balasanjeevi (3g)
₹ 70.00

Balasanjeevi is an Ayurvedic medicine that Cures phlegm,fever, constipation, indigestion, cold and cough and almost all ailments in children.

Rasaparpati (5g)
₹ 150.00

Rasaparpati is an ayurvedic medicine useful for infants, cures cough,cold,hard breathing,indigestion and fever. 100% safe Natural remedy with Zero side effects.

Srijayamangalarasa (2g)
₹ 1060.00

Srijayamangalarasa a trusted remedy for fevers like chronic, malarial, unspecified,It acts well on parched throat and constipation.100% safe and No side effects.

Swasachintamanirasa (2g)
₹ 370.00

Swasachintamanirasa is an effective ayurvedic medicine useful to stop hard breathing and gives relief rapidly. 100% safe and Natural remedy with No side effects

Swarnamalinivasantarasa (2g)
₹ 440.00

Ayurvedic Medicine useful for all cases of cough and in the advanced stages of T.B.Also used for pregnant ladies in all cases of cough and fevers.100% safe.

₹ 850.00

Ekotharavrudhimahalakshmivilasarasa is very useful to remove pain in chest, sensation of heat all over the body,irritable cough, chronic fever, anemia.

₹ 1230.00

Chandravarthirasa is useful for people suffering from periodical headache keeps the brain cool and calm , symptoms of deranged liver and spleen,Removes,vertigo.

Poornachandrarasa (5g)
₹ 840.00

Poornachandrarasa is useful to works on prameha, rheumatism, uterus, vagina and healthy pregnancy.

₹ 1700.00

VAN providing Ayurvedic medicine for chronic and recurring types of Gonnorhea. 100% safe and Natural remedy with Zero side effects,VAN Ltd serving since 1925.

Ekangaveerarasa (5g)
₹ 170.00

Ekangaveerarasa is useful in paralysis attacks on account of nervous debility,cures twisting of mouth,tetanus, cures pains in joints.

Pradarantakarasa (5g)
₹ 180.00

Pradarantakarasa is an ayurvedic effective medicine to be used in all severe cases of leucorrhoea. 100% safe and Zero side effects,VAN Ltd serving since 1925.

Indusekhararasa (10g)
₹ 250.00

Indusekhararasa is an ayurvedic medicine useful for gonorrhoea either acute or chronic. Its effect is marvelous. Checks burning and discharging miraculously.

₹ 335.00

Ayurvedic medicine useful to cure fever due to bile, burning in the chest,watering in mouth,jaundice,souribile and vomiting.Works on urinary tract disorders.

₹ 260.00

Suryavarthi medicine used to neutralize liver dysfunction,speedy recovery of liver damage,remedy for disorders of bilious nature,headache fever due to bile.

Pramehachandrakalarasa (10g)
₹ 185.00

Ayurvedic medicine very useful for urinary disorders. It cures stranguary,retention of urine,urine falling in drops and jets with burning sensation.

Sindurabhushanam (10g)
₹ 190.00

Sindurabhushanam is Useful to pregnant women, in nausea and vomiting, feeling of heat in the body and uneasiness and other symptoms generally appear.

Mahachandrakalarasa (10g)
₹ 260.00

Mahachandrakalarasa is useful for all cases of haemorrhage due to excess of heat in body. Relieves heart burn, heat, thirst, urinary disorders and leucorrhoea.

Vatavidhwamsi (10g)
₹ 280.00

Ayurvedic medicine very useful in puerperal,sannipata fevers and puerperal diseases,It not only cures but also prevents all sorts of diseases after delivery.

₹ 185.00

Pratapalankeswaram is an effective ayurvedic medicine useful for simple, puerperal and sannipatha fevers and disorders of all sorts of nervous pains of the body.

Chandrakalarasa (10g)
₹ 150.00

Chandrakalarasa is useful for speedy relief in pitta affections, burning in stomach, indigestion due to over heat,blood piles,blood bile and heat in the body.

₹ 185.00

Ayurvedic medicine useful to cure affections produced by bile that removes distaste and other ailments like burning sensation in stomach,vomiting and vertigo.

Anandhabhyravi (10g)
₹ 160.00

Anandhabhyravi is effective medicine Useful to cure ordinary, simple fevers, typhoid fever and pains in the body.

Hikkanashanarasa (2g)
₹ 40.00

Hikkanashanarasa is Useful to cure hiccoughs caused by typhoid or any other reason, A special remedy for trouble some hiccoughs and require immediate treatment.

Rajodarsini (30 Tablets)
₹ 125.00

Rajodarsini useful in amenorrhoea and effectively regulates monthly course in women’s Menstrual cycle and obesity, dyspepsia,decreases excess weight.

Bruhatyogarajaguggul (30 Tablets)
₹ 95.00

Bruhatyogarajaguggul is an effective ayurvedic medicine useful in acute stages of rheumatism,Cures joint pains and swelling in joints.

Sarpagandha Ghanvati
₹ 455.00

Ayurvedic medicine useful to control Blood Pressure and symptoms like Giddiness,State of Anxiety and Palpitation 100% safe,Natural remedy with Zero side effects.

₹ 250.00

Ayurvedic effective medicine used in all cases of filariasis especially associated with recurring fevers and reduces the size of part affected by the disease.

Vatagajamkusa (40 Tablets)
₹ 215.00

Vatagajamkusa a specific remedy for nervous disorders and frequent fever born of indigestion,useful in hemiplegia and paraplegia and helps to cure beriberi

Chandraprabhadivati (20g)
₹ 210.00

Chandraprabhadivati is useful for menstrual and seminal disorders,cures urinary disorders, prameha, irritation and pain while passing urine,cures piles.

₹ 190.00

Amrutasanjeevirasa is an ayurvedic medicine which is Useful to cure ordinary simple fevers, typhoid fever and pains in the body.

Seetamsurasa (10g)
₹ 165.00

Seetamsurasa an Ayurvedic well known medicine useful for Malarial fevers born from bile and phlegm, nausea and vomiting.100% safe and Zero side effects.

Pradarariloham (15g)
₹ 215.00

Pradarariloham is Ayurvedic medicine useful to cure Leucorrhoea and other disorders of the female genital organs, removes pain in the back and pelvis in no time

Pradara Chintamani (12g)
₹ 205.00

Ayurvedic Medicine Pradarachintamani is 100% Natural product with No Side Effects and works on leucorrhoea, menstrual pains,removes back pains and pelvic pain.

Sleepadagajakesari (10g)
₹ 110.00

Sleepadagajakesari is useful in filariasis in all its manifestations,removes constipation,fever and reduces heaviness of the part affected.100% safe and Natural

Chandanadivati (10g)
₹ 170.00

Chandanadivati is effective medicine useful to cure gonorrhoea in all stages,leucorrhoea,other discharges,cures burning sensation,ulceration of the urethra.

Sukhavirechanavati (5g)
₹ 70.00

Sukhavirechanavati is an ayurvedic safe laxative medicine used for indigestion.100% Natural remedy with Zero side effects.VAN Ltd serving since 1925.

Krimighatinigutika (10g)
₹ 75.00

Krimighatinigutika is a Natural ayurvedic medicine useful to effectively remove worms such as tape worm, round worm and so on in the stomach and intestines.

Hingwadivati (10g)
₹ 115.00

Hingwadivati an ayuirvedic medicine useful in children for pains in the stomach, diarrhea and dysentery.

Abhraka Bhasma (Sataputa)
₹ 190.00

ABHRAKA BHASMA(SATAPUTA),A nectar for prameha Controls over heat, dry cough and useful in all urinary ailments.

Kantabhraka Sindura (10g)
₹ 185.00

Kantabhraka Sindura is Useful to give strength, reduces excessive heat from bones,improves complexion, promotes sexual potency.

Vanga Bhasma (5g)
₹ 100.00

Vanga Bhasma is an ayurvedic Natural medicine useful in prameha, gonnorhoea, diabetes,leucorrhoea,Spermotorrhoea ,blood bile and useful in bilious constitutions.

Mandura Bhasma (10g)
₹ 145.00

Ayurvedic medicine used for anaemia, jaundice, dropsy,chronic fever, heaviness and pain in the chest, flatulence and periodical sula pains in the abdomen .

Trivanga Bhasma (15g)
₹ 215.00

Ayurvedic effective medicine for leucorrhoea and gonnorrhoea.It helps to reduce excessive heat and burning of hands and feet,No side effects 100% safe.

Mouktika Bhasma (2g)
₹ 195.00

Mouktika Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine very useful in diabetes,stranguary and detention of urine, urinary calculi,Carbuncle,cough and general debility.

Pravala Bhasma (5g)
₹ 310.00

VAN providing effective medicine Pravala Bhasma is useful in phthisis,cough and phlegm. 100% safe and Natural remedy with Zero side effects serving since 1925.

Sankha Bhasma
₹ 65.00

Sankha Bhasma is an effective Ayurvedic medicine useful to cure sula,indigestion and Pain in stomach,also cures difficult and painful urination problems.

VAN Madanakameswara Lehya
₹ 595.00

A vital Ayurvedic medicine to cure thinness of the semen,Stops speedy emissions,Creates great sexual potency, strength,and satisfaction,boost up energy and vigor.

Trivrut Lehya (300g)
₹ 250.00

Trivrut Lehya is an ayurvedic medicine useful for harmless laxative and puts off constipation on regular usage.Very comfortable for patients of piles.

₹ 515.00

Ayurvedic medicine useful for women after delivery, sutikaroga,Removes post pregnancy weakness,A great tonic to puerperal women,Cures sciatica, Osteoporosis.

Kalyana Ghruta (200ml)
₹ 315.00

Kalyana Ghruta is Useful in sterility, nervous disorders like epilepsy, hysteria and skin diseases, Purifies vatarakta and gives birth to healthy babies.

Vatari Taila (100g)
₹ 145.00

Vatari Taila is Useful in rheumatic pains and swellings, arthritis and nervous pains and to be applied externally twice daily

Bhrungamalaka Taila
₹ 520.00

VAN Ltd 100% Natural Remedy No Side Effects Ayurvedic Medicine Bhrungamalaka Taila works on headache, dandruff and burning sensation of eyes.

₹ 410.00

Ayurvedic medicine to be used externally for wry neck, paralysis, twisting of mouth and effected parts of hemiplegic and other nervous affections.

Chandanadi Taila
₹ 410.00

Chandanadi Taila very useful in hysteria,epilepsy, sensation of heat in head, Helps to cool brain Gives satisfaction to the Removes burning and redness of eyes.

Vidangadi Taila
₹ 325.00

Vidangadi Taila an Ayurvedic medicine effectively used for external application in Elephantiasis and reduces swelling in the affected part