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Intense Joints Pains

Bruhadhwathachintamani Tablets (15 Tabs): Useful in Hypothyroidism.
Dosage: One tablet twice a day at your convenience.

Dasamoolarishta: A tonic useful in sterility, Cures fever, dropsy, cough, anaemia, jaundice and prameha, Helps to release urine freely.
Dosage: To be taken with equal quantity of water in 10ml dosage after meals.

Kanchanar Guggul: Acts on Thyroid, Kushta, Fistula in ano & filariasis.
Dosage: One tablet twice a day.

Mahayogarajaguggul: Very useful for rheumatism. Removes swelling and pains in the joints.
Dosage: One pill twice (or) thrice a day with decoction of rasna, sounth and guduchi (or) as directed by the physician.

Narayana Taila: Very useful in nervous disorders. Specially in paralysis, wryneck, pains in cheeks, waist, joints etc.
Dosage: Can be used for massage over the body.

Pindataila: Most effective oil for application over the body to remove vatarakta and to cure leprosy, other skin diseases and cracks in the soles of the feet.
Dosage: To be applied externally to the parts affected.

Pravalapanchamruta Bhasma: Useful in pains in the joints. A well-tested remedy for calcium deficiency.
Dosage: Pravalapanchamrutabhasma 10g, powder of rasna 1g blended with rasnadi panchaka kashaya and made into 25 tabs. Use one tablet in the morning, one in the evening with buttermilk.


  • This medicated oil aids in treating vatarakta and various skin conditions, such as soothing cracks on the feet, reduce numbness in the hands and feet and promotes smooth skin.

  • It effectively addresses patches caused by pigmentation loss.

  • This formulation is highly recommended for daily external application.

Dosage: For daily external application only.

Unit of packing: 100 ml, 200 ml

Other Names of the Product: Pinda Thailam, Pinda Taila

User Ratings/Reviews

Kajal Kiran Panda


Its good my mother using it, she would like to gave 4 star rating



we are using 6/7 types of medicines from van. its very good we r satisfied.

Duthaluri Ramarao


its good product and it works.

Shreeram Tate


it gave so good result, having good improvement.

G Santhosh L.


I have bought this product and used for couple of months. It started showing results slowly but later it worked perfectly fine. Happy with this product.

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