Mahayogarajaguggul (10g)

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Intense Joints Pains

Bruhadhwathachintamani Tablets (15 Tabs): Useful in Hypothyroidism.
Dosage: One tablet twice a day at your convenience.

Dasamoolarishta: A tonic useful in sterility, Cures fever, dropsy, cough, anaemia, jaundice and prameha, Helps to release urine freely.
Dosage: To be taken with equal quantity of water in 10ml dosage after meals.

Kanchanar Guggul: Acts on Thyroid, Kushta, Fistula in ano & filariasis.
Dosage: One tablet twice a day.

Mahayogarajaguggul: Very useful for rheumatism. Removes swelling and pains in the joints.
Dosage: One pill twice (or) thrice a day with decoction of rasna, sounth and guduchi (or) as directed by the physician.

Narayana Taila: Very useful in nervous disorders. Specially in paralysis, wryneck, pains in cheeks, waist, joints etc.
Dosage: Can be used for massage over the body.

Pindataila: Most effective oil for application over the body to remove vatarakta and to cure leprosy, other skin diseases and cracks in the soles of the feet.
Dosage: To be applied externally to the parts affected.

Pravalapanchamruta Bhasma: Useful in pains in the joints. A well-tested remedy for calcium deficiency.
Dosage: Pravalapanchamrutabhasma 10g, powder of rasna 1g blended with rasnadi panchaka kashaya and made into 25 tabs. Use one tablet in the morning, one in the evening with buttermilk.


  1. Sounth

  2. Pippali

  3. Chavya

  4. Modi

  5. Chitraka

  6. Hing

  7. Ajamoda

  8. White mustard

  9. Jeera

  10. Sha jeera

  11. Renuka

  12. Seeds of Kodisa

  13. Pata

  14. Vidanga

  15. Gaja

  16. Kutki

  17. Ativasa

  18. Gantu bharangi

  19. Vacha

  20. Chaga

  21. Triphala

  22. Guggul-Mahisakshi

  23. Vangabhasma

  24. Rajatabhasma

  25. Nagabhasma

  26. Lohabhasma

  27. Abhrakabhasma (sataputa)

  28. Mandurabhasma

  29. Rasa sindura


  • Helps to decrease swelling and pains in the joints.

  • Helps to improve appetite.

  • Helps to decrease abdominal colic, back pain and other digestive disorders.

    Unit of packing: 10g tin

Dosage: One tablet twice (or) thrice a day with decoction of Rasna, sounth and guduchi (or) as directed by the physician.

Other names of the product: Maha Yoga Raja Guggulu, Mahayograj Guggul

User Ratings/Reviews

k.venkateswara rao


good product. i have used it and recommend this to others as well

bala koteswara rao SURISETTY


My mother used this product and it worked well.

hari krishna malladi


using vk4 diakon, its so good my father is using it, I would like to give 4 star rating

Kishalaya sen gupta


All though some of the items costs are high but medicines are good.

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