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Kalyana Ghruta (200ml)
₹ 315.00

Kalyana Ghruta is Useful in sterility, nervous disorders like epilepsy, hysteria and skin diseases, Purifies vatarakta and gives birth to healthy babies.

Mahadrakshadikwatha Churna (50g)
₹ 110.00

Medicine used in sterility in women, impotency Regular use of this medicine cures all uterine disorders and prepares the genitive organism for healthy pregnancy

₹ 150.00

Asokarishta medicine useful for Female diseases,it Effectively gives strength,cures pradara and all uterine disorders .It also corrects the abdomen.

Rajahpravarthanivati (20g)
₹ 235.00

Rajahpravarthanivati medicine is useful to cure amenorrhoea and dysmennorrohoea (suppression of menses),Distressing pains during menses and uterine disorders.