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Ayurveda Medicines for Diabetes Type 1

Modern living is a busy lifestyle, where everybody, both adults and children is preoccupied with their careers and pursuits. A good diet, timely food, adequate exercise, and sufficient rest are the first casualties in this hectic lifestyle, leading to avoidable medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, impaired liver function, mental stress, insomnia, etc. Most discomforting of conditions are issues of diabetes and liver disorders warranting immediate remedial actions to be taken and fortunately, help is within reach.

VAN Ltd recommends the Best Ayurvedic herbal treatment for Diabetes management and liver complaints


100% Safe, Absolutely No Side Effects


When the time’s come to take charge of our bodies ourselves; to exercise control on diabetes and keep sugar levels at bay, YOU can count on the support of VAN Ltd’s VK4 DIACON-A dependable medicine with proven properties of restoring and enhancing lifestyle significantly while helping gain better control of the disease. What’s more, VK4 DIACON is not limited to use by diabetics alone, it can also be used as a precaution by individuals with a family history of diabetes.

VK4 DIACON: Controls Blood Sugar, Enhances memory, Vitalizes major organs (Liver, Kidney, Heart etc), Relieves numbness of feet.
Dosage: One tablet twice a day with water.

(In case diabetes is under control after one month, then one tablet per day is sufficient and can be used at the convenience of the patient)


The liver is the most important organ in the human body as it helps to metabolize and remove accumulated toxins. The current lifestyle pursued by people is prone to disturb the natural equilibrium and puts undue strain on the functioning of one’s liver.

In diabetes management, it’s important to keep the liver also functioning optimally and nourished. The perfect medicine for the liver is VAN Ltd’s L-MITRA, and as the name connotes, it’s a formulation specifically designed to shield the liver and serve as a multi-function supplement to regularize disorders in the body originating out of liver imbalances.

Regular usage of L-MITRA will keep one infection-free and immune to the detrimental effects of today’s polluted environmental conditions and lifestyle.

L-MITRA: Works on all Liver disorders
Dosage: 2 tablets at bedtime

Suggested Benefits: L-MITRA & VK 4 DIACON are potent disease fighters. Taken in regular doses over a prescribed period of time, they help keep blood sugar in control and the liver toxin-free.

Regimen for diabetic patients

Regular Diet control and limited exercise according to body resistance are necessary for Diabetic patients. A balanced diet in limited quantity is to be taken a number of times. Bellyful food should not be taken at a time. According to their habits rice or wheat can be consumed. Regular walking is recommended exercise. Walking for 45 minutes daily is essential. Normal walking for 1st 15 minutes, speedy steps for the second 15 minutes, and lastly slow walking for 15 minutes is a good exercise.


Orange, boppai, grapes, apple battai, water melon, jama, amla etc.,
FOOD ITEMS TO BE AVOIDED: Kamala fruits, Plantain fruits and dry fruits, etc.,


RECOMMENDED DIET: Snake gourd, vipergourd, white pumpkin, cabbage, cauliflower, kakara, amaranthas tristes, pudina, menthi leaf etc.,
FOOD ITEMS TO BE AVOIDED: Potato, milk based products (milk, curd, butter, etc.,) oil contents, sugar, sweet, ice creams, cakes, alcohol, fatty foods, mutton, yellow essence of the egg.Menthi, ginger, garlic, onion, jeeraDalda, deep frys, excess of food, idleness should be avoided. Fasting is not advisable.


RECOMMENDED DIET: Red gram dal & Green gram dal. Butter Milk without butter can freely be used.
FOOD ITEMS TO BE AVOIDED: Bengal gram and its preparations

Protection of feet is very important. Feet should be cleaned with light hot water regularly. The bottom & space between fingers are to be always dry. Lotion should not be applied between fingers. Moisturizer may be used for dry skin. At the time of sweating to feet, talcum powder can be sprinkled. Washed socks cleaned shoes or chappals are always to be worn.

Regular checkup of Glucose percentage in Blood & urine is essential.

Helpful Herbs & Roots

Guduchi, Neem, Patola, Satavari, Aswagandha, etc., & menthi in powder form.

Recommended Medicines

  • Vasanthakusumakara Pills

  • VK4 Diacon

  • VK4 Insuact

  • Abhrakabhasma (sataputa)

  • Rajitachandrodaya Pills


According to the constitution of the body, diet follow-up is essential for health and longevity. Every patient should observe precautions in diet at the time of usage of the medicine to avoid aggravation and to obtain speedy results.

Click to download diet instructions (English and Telugu)

Instruction to patients/visitors:

If you are suffering from moderate and chronic ailments requesting you send us the patient's recent complete blood picture (CBP with Lipid profile) for an accurate prescription.


Ayurvedic Proprietary Formula

Patent No: 231146

VK4 Diacon is a formulation discovered and honed to perfection in the true traditions of Ayurveda. The ancestors of VAN Ltd had taken the formulation to heights of purity & potency and handed over the recipe to the generations following them).

VK4 Diacon contains a unique active ingredient that imparts its distinct potency, so much so that the process of manufacturing and action of this medicine has been awarded a patent (231146) - VK4 Diacon contains pure gold nano particles, which act to bring the desired effect and enhance efficacy & bioavailability.

A lot changes in life, one thing that does not is the quality of VK4 Diacon. Do we need say more? Take charge of your life, today.

A 100% pure herbo-mineral based medicine; VK4 Diacon works extensively on symptoms of Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes and thwarts the disease from getting the better of you. It exercises superior control over blood sugar and maintains the equilibrium of all vital internal organs putting an effective restraint on the disease. The VK4 Diacon regime followed up with regular exercise and diet is a potent remedy for your diabetes.

Versatile VK4 Diacon

  • This medicine supports diabetes-related fatigue resulting from low energy levels.

  • Management of elevated blood sugar levels.

  • Aids in decreased vitality.

  • Acts as Rasayana, Aids in Memory impairment Support in the treatment of diabetic complications.

  • Aids in the management of hypothyroidism.


  • Low Energy levels due to diabetes

  • High blood sugar

  • Less vitality

  • Rasayana - Less capability in men

  • Memory Loss

  • Damaged liver, heart, kidneys due to diabetes

  • Hypothyroidism


  1. Swarnabhasma

  2. Rajatabhasma

  3. Vangabhasma

  4. Nagabhasma

  5. Kantaloha bhasma

  6. Abhrakabhasma (sataputa)

  7. Pravalabhasma

  8. Rasa Sindura

  9. Mouktikabhasma

  10. Shilajit Suddha

  11. Karpura

  12. Guduchi (stem)

Dosage Form: Tablet

Usage: One tablet twice a day with water.

Unit of packing: 15 Tablets, 30 Tablets

User Ratings/Reviews

Anu Radha challapalli


I have gifted this product to my younger brother who is a diabetic and after using this product he mentioned that it works simply fantastic and gives him a positive energy throughout the day. Thank you VAN such a wonderful product.



My Mother using this tablet from last 2 years and got a very good result.

Murty Vadlamani


very good and effective product

Bhagwan Siddamshetty


Am using Vasantakumakara and VK4 Diacon tablets since last 10 years and it gives good result and they not only controls my diabetes and improved my life style pretty much well. Thanks to VAN



Gives better result used from Nov 2015 no weakness, and active totally good



Workinng slowly but good product

Nagaraju Vayuvegula


I am from Mumbai. using VK4 since more than a year now. Very good product.

Ramana Abburi


Good product. I rate 5 stars.

Jagath Reddy Mannepu


using since few months. my sugar is under control and feeling good. Thanks to VAN



using since few months. life is good now.

Mangalaraj Susaimanikam


good product

Venkata Kishore


using VK4 Diacon since few years. Very good product.

Maheedhar Sankaramanchi


nice medicine its very good i am continuing.



am using this on regular basis. good product

A R S Prakasa Rao


using your products since few years. Very positive results. Thank you

Deepak Sharma


prices are little high but quality wise its good

Pritam Patel


acha hai product, main apne papa ke liye vk4diakon use kar raha hu par bhar bhar order karne ke liye bhahut expensive hai.

prasad mulupuri


Its very costly but product is good.



Little bit ok changes are seeing.

L V R Sastry


medicine is good

Jvv Subrahmanyam


vk4 diakon its very very good/ i would like to gave 5 star rating.

Padmaja Padmaja


its very good, i would like to give 5 star rating

K.R.Prasad prasad


i am using so many products from VAN and all are very very very good all r useful.



VK4 Diakon is little costlier but result was good

Nagaraju Vayuvegula


VK4 Diakon its good

B V Krishna Pernamitta


Vk4 diacon works effectively for my father. It does put diabeties under control

BC Kesava Rao


After using Vk4 diacon my diabetic levels are under control. Its a good product for diabetes patients.

vyaghri uma prasad sista


very nice product. Got good results.

Dr. Satish Reddy


i have treated many patients for uncontrolled diabetes. Recently i had a case where she is a diabetic since 1 year. luckily she got good results in first visit with 137mg/dl. Later on she was unable to control her food habits. She couldn`t maintain diet chart for diabetis. Unfortunately her ppbs raised to 490mg/dl. Later on i added VK4 Diacon new it has come down to 205mg/dl in a week course. I appreciate the medicine VK4Diacon for this.

maddala challeswara rao


I am using VK4 Diacon since few months now. I have particularly purchased this medicine to heal my palm pains and to control diabetes. And VK4 Diacon gave me the desired results. Thank you.

Sree Ramachandra Murthy Kuppa


I am using VK4 Diacon from last few months. Very good product. I give 5 stars.

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